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Prisma is the most popular app over the world right now. Prisma has become trendy now days. I think you know about Prisma that’s why you are here. If you don’t know I will give you the quick introduction about this app. People are going mad now days about silly things. You might know, long day back we have to click photos our self with camera and never thinks that is crazy. Now days clicking a photo of yours has become trend and called as selfie. You might know about sefie trend apart from that here we have the trend as same as Selfie. Long days back the filter has been using in image editing apps where your Photo look like an animation which is called as Prisma. No one knows about that and even they didn’t care about that those days. Now it has become trend actually facebook has introduced this Prisma to change the profile Picture with Prisma effect which changes your profile picture to cool looking animation picture. So, there are lots of apps introduced to Android market those helps you to give the effect of Prisma to your picture. So, here we are sharing some of the apps like Prisma in this post.


Best Prisma Alternatives 2017

Super Photo

Super Photo is also a new app which gained huge popularity due to its amazing features. This app helps you to give a new filter to the photo and also in the high quality. Even it raises the quality of the photo but not decreases. You can filter the unlimited photos in this app. This app helps you to modify the images to HD quality with high resolution. Apart from filtering the images even you can edit the images and add new layout to the image like professional image editing tools.

Photo Lab

Photo Lab is a most popular Android app which helps you to edit the images like professional tool. This app has an inbuilt new feature that helps you to filter the app. This app gives you many more tools like brush, magic tool and many more as same as in Photoshop app. This is the moist advanced tool to edit your image. You need to be connected to internet while using this app as it gives you many effects, filters and many more features.

Camera 360

Camera 360 is one of the most popular apps in Android Phone. There are more than 5million people have installed in their device. Apart from that you can get unlimited filters, frames, effects and many more features with this amazing app. Actually this hap has been installed by default in your Android device. Actually this app used to click the image in slow motion and even 360 images back to back at once.


Pixlr is a genius android photo editing app which is most advanced as they are running their own company. Pixl is also a great tool which is used in PC and Laptops in order to edit the images. It provides you the great tools to edit the images and also the tools which support Android devices. You can filter the images with this great app and even add the new effects and frames to it.

Pics Art

Pics Art is a different kind of Photo editing app which helps you to edit the photos with basic tools. This app even helps you to filter the images with new look. Even you can perform functions like adding text to images, overlapping image and many more. You can even add the new overlay to the image, cut the image and do many more things as you want. So, you just need to try this app at least once in your Android device.

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

It is one of the best apps like prisma for android for adding filters to the images. Though, this app is a little bit advanced than Prisma app, but still you can find many good effects in this app. This app has a special feature is rarely seen in any android app. It is optimized with Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. It will optimize filters on photos by it’s own which is optimized for human vision. You can choose from over 110+ filters/effects.

Amazing Photo Editor

This app has some of exceptionally amazing effects & filters. I personally like some filters of this app. Moreover, this app also allows you to apply filters & effects in real time. Along with these filters, this app also provide some basic features like cropping, removing red eye, contrast and brightness of image etc. To run this android app on your phone, you need to have android version of atleast 4.0 in your android phone.


Do you love to take selfies? Yes? Then it is probably best prisma alternative for you. With a simple and elegant UI, this app features some of the the great filters like Christmas Art Filter,  Animated Film filters, Cartoons filters, Pop Art filters and several other filters for beautifying the selfie pic like smoothing effect, skin whitening effect etc.

I hope you liked these apps like prisma. So which app do you like most? Share about it in the comments section below.

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