Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S5 To Try!

As Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great android phone and has a good design but if you hate or didn’t like the functionalities, customizations, navigations and more in this Android Phone. As Samsung Galaxy S5 supports has lots of features but didn’t expressed through manual ROM provided officially. So, here we share custom ROMs for Android that completely changes the framework of your Android Phone. Here some of the ROMs need your Android phone rooted and some not. Here we are sharing Best Custom ROMs for Android using them you can give new functionalities to your Android Phone.


Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy S5


CyanogenMod is one of the best custom ROMs for android device which has lots of customizations which is also called as CM. You can easily use it for Galaxy S5 and in order to use it for Galazys5 you just need to download the latest version of CM which supports Galaxy S5. The user interface is amazing while using this custom ROM. It offers you quick navigation offers and gives new look for your entire android phone. It also gives the new look for your Samsung Galaxy S5 apps icons. It has too low size and hence requires low RAM to run.

Carbon ROM

Carbon ROM is very popular custom ROM for android phone and especially for Samsung Galaxy S5. It offered lots of new features through its customizations. Carbon ROM offers a really new customization to your phone. Apart from Samsung Galaxy S5 it also supports Samsung Note2 and many more Samsung mobiles. There are lots of customizations options like Lock Screen Display, Menu bar with new buttons, colorful call buttons, new colors, screen themes, battery life, never sleep options and also offers new ultimate feature using which you can see your notifications and messages in your phone even your phone is locked.


PAC-man ROM is different kind of custom ROM which is also called as alternative of AOKP and CyanogenMod. Its customization also looks as same as the combine between AOKP and CyanogenMod. It is also one of the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S5. There are lots of features offered by this ROM.


  • Battery icon to get notice percentage of the battery.
  • New design bar for Apps.
  • Ultimate themes that looks very elegant.

Slim ROM

Slim ROM is also another great ROM and it is great because of its great features. There are lots of customizations and new features and functions available in this ROM. New controls, call buttons, menu bar and many more functions. Quick navigations in home screen menu and new app icon styles. This ROM is perfectly suits for Galaxy S5 and boosts its interface with hell speed.

Alliance ROM

Alliance ROM is a different kind of custom ROM from these all ROMs. It’s just a perfect module for Samsung Galaxy S5 with new and great features. So here are some amazing features of Alliance ROM. This ROM offers you a huge list of elegant looking themes with amazing customizations. You can use this ROM even for non-rooted android devices. This custom ROM offers you new customizations and functions with quick navigations.

Final Words

So, that’s all about Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S5. So what do you think which is best custom rom for Samsung Galaxy S5. We are waiting for your opinion in the comments section below.

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