Ways to Track Who Blocks You on Facebook

So, you are getting blocked in Facebook without any problem by you. Then you should the reason and person who blocked you on Facebook. You may block by your friends due to jokes. Apart from that you van be blocked by he/she due to any problem. There are many tools available on the web to […]

How to Use Trial Software for Lifetime (100% Working)

Hi, today in this article, we are going to share you how to use trial software for lifetime. We always familiar with Software those we use day today life. So, all of them are not for free. So, we need to buy them use for lifetime. Even though the software might have trail for one […]

How to Flash Stock ROM In Android Phone

So, in this article, we are going to share the guide to flash how to flash stock ROM in android phone. So, follow the below steps in order to flash stock ROM in android phone. So, first of all, you need to have Google Apps Zip file in your Android Phone which you can download […]

Fix Building Font Cache Error in VLC Media Player

There will be huge list found for the errors of VLD media player but there is huge list of solutions for these all solutions. As you know VLC media player is the leading media player in Windows PC which can be used to play many format of videos. Apart from Windows, VLC media player is […]

How To Fix Obtaining IP Address Error in Android 2017

In this article, we are sharing the guide to fix Obtaining IP Address Error in your android phone. So, this problem occurs while you connecting your Android Phone to Wi-Fi. I also have faced the same issue with several times but didn’t fix it. There are lots of reasons to cause this error in your […]

How Much Data Does FaceTime Use? (FaceTime Data Usage)

Facetime is an excellent feature for Apple communication. Now there are questions are spreading that facetime used Data usage. This is the powerful features used in all Mac operating system. This Facetime used to make a video call for free in Apple products. Actually it is default feature for Apple users to make video calls. […]

Zbigz Premium Account For Free 2017 (Updated) (NEW)

In this article we are sharing a Zbigz Premium Account completely for free and you don’t have to pay a single penny in order to use it. As you know the features of this Zbigz Premium Account and there is no need to explain it. Otherwise we have quick introduction about this Zbigz Premium Account. As all […]

How to Cancel an Order on Amazon (Step by Step)

We will always do silly mistake in any work by wrong move. Sometimes we confuse and choice the wrong one while ordering anything from online. Whether it’s may be color, brand, size or any particular data of the matter. So, if you order it already and finding the solution to cancel the order in Amazon. […]

How to Fix No Boot Filename Received Error

One month before I was operating my computer and suddenly got an error called No Boot Filename Received error. Soon after that I contacted to some technicians but I didn’t get the solution for the problem. I tried hard to fix this problem but was unable to fix it. I waited for a day and […]

How to Find Facebook Profile Using jpg Facebook Picture URLs

So, if you are tech guy and wants to know social media tricks and tips then this site is main platform for you. There are lots of tricks will be shared here on this website. The facebook tricks are really cool they. We always love to perform these tricks and get feel awesome. Here in […]