How to Fix Unfortunately Chrome has Stopped Error in Android

I always love to use Chrome as my default browser whether it is PC or smart phone. A month ago, I was using Chrome browser in my Android phone while I was using that I got notice to update chrome browser. So, I started to update it but while I updating to its later version […]

Trick to Run Dual Whatsapp In Android Phone 2016

In this article we are sharing the trick to use dual Whatsapp in Android phone. So, if you people looking to use dual Whatsapp accounts in android phone then here we will share the trick to use it.  I know most of the people are thinking it’s pretty hard to do that but I can say using dual whatsapp accounts in […]

Trick To Hack Android Games Using Root Browser

So, here in this article, we are sharing the guide how to Hack Android games Using Root Browser? As all of you know Root Browser is the best file manager for Android device. So, apart from that, you can get lots of features through this Root Browser. Apart from all the features Root Browser also […]

How to Use Broadband in Ubuntu and Linux

Ubuntu and Linux are the most popular and toughest operating systems. Operating these systems or installing a new program on Ubuntu and Linux is quite different. It’s quite easy with Windows as it suggests us and helps us. But when it comes to Ubuntu and Linux, we have to do ourselves to perform function or […]

Movie Dialogues Quit But Action Scenes Too Loud Fix in VLC

As you know there are lot of errors occurs while using VLC media player. Don’t worry there will be solution for all of those problems and the same continues here. This is the common problem found everywhere in VLC users. Few days back while I was watching a movie I found the error and problem […]