How Much Data Does FaceTime Use? (FaceTime Data Usage)

Facetime is an excellent feature for Apple communication. Now there are questions are spreading that facetime used Data usage. This is the powerful features used in all Mac operating system. This Facetime used to make a video call for free in Apple products. Actually it is default feature for Apple users to make video calls. So, it’s a most popular feature but there are people want a clear though that is Facetime uses Data? Even we want to clarify that in our guide. Here we want to clear the problem and gives you perfect usage details of it. I mean here we are giving you complete report.

You might know that the Facetime is completely free then there is normal question is that it uses lots of data then here we will clear the solution. Before that you might know that Skype has not been used in Apple users as it used by Windows users. So, even there is belief that Facetime uses lesser data than any other tool. Before viewing the report you can see the features of Facetime here in our guide. Then follow this guide in order to check that.


Features of Facetime

You might know all the features of Facetime but here we want to establish more about the tool then check out the list.

  • You can use this tool in any Apple Product like Macbook, iPad, iphone and in many more. You can easily make video call for any Apple product to another one via this tool
  • It’s completely smooth and non struck streaming feature. So, you can make video call with excellent responsive.
  • You can easily switch your front camera to back using this feature.
  • This app works like Whastapp where you can easily integrate with your phone contacts then make contact with you.
  • Its pre installed feature in Apple product and it is one of the best.
  • Actually this facetime data is checking whether Skype uses less data than Skype but actually Facetime uses lesser data to make video calls.
  • As I said this is pre installed feature in your Android device then you need to add your email address in order to use this app in your device and even make video calls with high quality and even record the video calls with this amazing feature.

So, that was the list of best features of Facetime. Now follow this guide in order to check the data usage of Facetime.

Facetime data usage

Actually here we have made the complete report of Facetime data usage defending on internet connections and the device you used. Now check this report without wasting the time.

  • If you have made video calls with iphone, iPad, Macbook with high speed internet connection like 3g/4g then these will be results with responding to the time.
  • Even the accurate speed internet connection also takes a part in this report. Now I have 3MBPS internet connection. So, right now I am using Macbook then these will be results.
  • If my video calls last about 10 minutes then data consumed in my Macbook will be 31MB.
  • The total data sent is about 14MB and the total data received is 16.1 MB. Then I think you might got the correct results.

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