How to Fix No Boot Filename Received Error

One month before I was operating my computer and suddenly got an error called No Boot Filename Received error. Soon after that I contacted to some technicians but I didn’t get the solution for the problem. I tried hard to fix this problem but was unable to fix it. I waited for a day and researched some new things and finally found the reason and solution for this problem. What did I got it? I worked on every bug found in my computer and solved it. I just started working on every error and started to fix and finally found the solution for one error. So, here we shared the reason to get No Boot Filename Received Error.


Reason for No Boot Filename Received Error

It’s quite easy, the error occurs due to the boot device I mean t say if the PC/Laptop is unable to find your boot device then it will show this type of error.

You know there is a boot device in your PC but the computer is not able to find it. Then what to? You just need to fix it. Then follow the guide to fix it.

Fix No Boot Filename Received Error

There are lots of reasons that your PC/Laptop cannot find your boot device. So, here we have to fix every error that we doubt to fix the No Boot Filename Received Error.

Connect the Hard Drive to another Computer

If your hard drive in the PC is not working then commonly you can see this error. How to find your hard Drive is not working. First open your CPU and check the hard drive and remove it.  Check its working or not. If it’s dead then you need to use new one. Just remove it and add it to another computer. Then check its working or not? Sometimes it also doesn’t work sue to dust. So, you always keep your CPU and hardware clean. Sometimes the computer cannot find boot device due to this dust. So, keep your hard drive and CPU clean.

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Boot Settings

Sometimes this error can be occurred by changing boot settings in your PC/Laptop. So, you never have to change boot options. Now go to your boot menu by pressing F1 or F8 or ESC. In that you need to check first boot device is hard drive and it must be hard drive. If it not then you need to change it. This can fix the error comnpletely.

Check All Connections

So, check all the connections connected to your monitor and PC. If there is any connection loss then this problem might occur. So, unplug all the cables and reconnect and check again. If the wire is harmed and loose connections make this error occur. So, make your circuit clear by changing all the wires and cables.

Problem in Mother Board

If any reason not works for this error then it must be a problem of your mother board of PC. Just clean your mother board from dust and remove all the plugs and plug in again and check the connections properly. Then it must work for you.
Final Words: 

This was the guide about to fix No Boot Filename Received error. If you find any problem with this guide then you can comment that through using below forma and we will be replying to within 24 hours.

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