How To Fix Obtaining IP Address Error in Android 2017

In this article, we are sharing the guide to fix Obtaining IP Address Error in your android phone. So, this problem occurs while you connecting your Android Phone to Wi-Fi. I also have faced the same issue with several times but didn’t fix it. There are lots of reasons to cause this error in your Android phone. Now here we have made that list and also explained the solution for them. So, here we are sharing the article that helps you to fix Obtaining IP Address Error in your android phone. Recently, this problem was faced by many users on Quora as well. So, I decided to post a tutorial on how to fix Obtaining IP Address error in your android phone.


Reasons of Obtaining IP Address Error 

So, here we share the reasons of Obtaining IP Address Error which helps us to fix the issue. If any device connected your internet other than your device then this error may occur at some cases. Even this problem occurs during security issue in your Wi-Fi.  If you are not sharing your network then this problem can easily happens. So, it also occurs if you are not cached or clear data in your android phone. So, here is the solution for all these major problems. So, then follow the below guide in order to fix Obtaining IP Address Error.

How To Fix Obtaining IP Address Error in Android 

So, as we are explained the reasons above here we will explain the solutions to fix them. Now follow the step by step simple guide in order to Fix Obtaining IP Address Error in your android device.

  • Now go to your Android Settings and open the Wi-Fi Settings in your android phone. Then check this internet sharing which is ON or OFF. If it is turned off then make sure that it has to be ON. Now you need to move on to encrypted security and check if there is problem or not. Now start your Wi-Fi connection again and now connect your device to Wi-Fi. If the problem is keep occurring then you need to go through this solution which is mentioned below.
  • If you have small problem in your android phone regarding your Wi-Fi issue then you just turn off your phone and start it again in order to fix that issue. It mainly occurs due to cache of your Wi-Fi. Otherwise you can go to Settings>Apps in your android phone and look out for Wi-Fi in the apps list. Then Go to Wi-Fi then clear the data and cache the settings. That’s it. If the problem is not fixed then you need to move on to next solution

Obtaining IP Address Error also occurs due to connecting your Android Phone with various IP Address. So, here we need to use Static IP Address in order to fix this error. So, follow the guide in order to fix this.

  • Now open your Android device and open Settings App then you need to open Wireless and Networks settings.
  • Now you need to ON your Wi-Fi then open the menu in and tap on Advance option.
  • So, now you need to select Static IP Address. The you need to enter some values in settings.

You can add any IP address as you want. So, here we share some of the examples and what you need to enter in boxes. There are four empty boxes are available like this then fill them as I said below.


The Gateway has to be in the limit of 1-9 numbers and here is the example for that 178.192.33 and fater that the next box should be look like this and that is Netmask- So, hen Domain Name Server 1 and 2 has set like this DNS 1: and DNS 2:

Final Words

So, this was the guide to to fix Obtaining IP Address Error in your android phone. If you are experiencing any problem in any of above mentioned step, feel free to share it with us below. I will try my best to solve your problem.

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