Movie Dialogues Quit But Action Scenes Too Loud Fix in VLC

As you know there are lot of errors occurs while using VLC media player. Don’t worry there will be solution for all of those problems and the same continues here. This is the common problem found everywhere in VLC users. Few days back while I was watching a movie I found the error and problem which is the movie dialogues are quit but when it comes to scenes and actions they are too loud and it’s too noisy. So, I researched the solution for this problem. I know how annoying it will be by sudden change of volume inaudible to scary. It is problem if you are watching movie with head phones. Then you need solution for it. Then finally I came to the clear solution and sharing that too with you all. This step by step guide will explain you to fix this problem- Movie Dialogues Quit but action Scenes too Loud Fix in VLC.

Fix- Movie dialogues quit but action scenes too loud fix in vlc

The guide is very simple and there are simple tweaks to fix this problem. You don’t need any software or not need to download anything to solve this problem. You just need to adjust some setting in the VLC media player only. So, follow the step by step guide to fix this error.

  • Open the VLC Media Payer in your Windows PC.
  • Play a movie using VLC media player.
  • Then click on Tools and then head to Effects and Filters.
  • Now you can see Compressor then click on that.

So, here the actual process starts. Now you need to start at dialogue scene which is in audible. Then increase the Makeup Gain slider which increases the audio of silent scenes. So, increase it to the medium level where you can get clear vision of audio. So, wait this is not the completion of process. You raised the volume of whole movie now then you need to change some settings to make it normal.

Now you need to increase Ratio slider until it reaches top. So, it makes sure that the volume has to be low or medium in certain point. Now go to action sequence in the movie where the sound is high at the scene. Now you need to down the Threshold slider as same as at a non-earthquake-inducing level. Now you need to move Attack to 50ms and move Release to 300ms.

See below screenshot for reference

vlc media player fix

So, that’s it. Now you are able to get the audible voice at dialogues point and medium volume at action sequence scenes. If you found the same problem once again, then you need to do some more adjustments to make it correct.

Final Words

So, that was the solution for Movie Dialogues Quit but action Scenes too loud Fix in VLC. If you find any problem with this guide then you can directly comment it through below from. Otherwise if you have any suggestions or queries regarding this post can be commented through below form. We will be replying to within 24 hours.

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