Ways to Track Who Blocks You on Facebook

So, you are getting blocked in Facebook without any problem by you. Then you should the reason and person who blocked you on Facebook. You may block by your friends due to jokes. Apart from that you van be blocked by he/she due to any problem. There are many tools available on the web to know the person who blocked you but here we have some great trick to find the person who blocked you. You might be checking for your friend list to know the reason for your block. I mean you no longer friends with anyone in your friends right now that not means that he/she blocked you. They might make unfriend or they might be suspended or deleted their account. So, here is the perfect guide to find who blocked you on facebook.


Find in Search Results

So, If someone is missing from your friend list and his name also cannot be seen in your account search results. So, you need to search the name of your friend in search box of facebook and look out for the name. The search bar in Facebook is placed in the top portion of Facebook. Now just type the name of the person and search for the results. Now if you are not finding the name in search results then you are blocked by that particular person in Facebook.

Through Mutual Friend List

Mutual Friend is greatest thing to find that someone is blocked you in Facebook. If you suspect a specific person has blocked you then this is perfect method for you. Go through the profile of mutual friend of you and suspected person. Then you go through the friend list of specific person and then click on See all friends list. Now you can see a search bar placed at the top of the screen and now type the name of the person and search for it. If the profile of person appears then you are not blocked by that particular person if not then that person is specifically is not blocked you.


If person was too close to you and posted anything on your wall like images, tagging and normal posts and that helps you to find he blocked you or not. If the same person is blocked you then you cannot see his posts, images and anything on your Wall. If he is not blocked then you can see the posts those were published by them.


So, if you want to determine who is blocked in your Facebook then you need to send the message to him on Facebook. If you got the reply from the person then you are not blocked by the same person. If you are not able to recive the messages from the particular person then you are blocked by the person.

That was the tutorial about Ways to Track Who Blocks You on Facebook . So, if you find any problem with this guide then you can easily express through comments using below form. We will be replying to within 24 hours.

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